Team of Certified AI Developers

AITUDE is a team of smart AI developers to use state-of-art AI technology for your AI projects and integrates AI solutions into web or mobile apps.


Allow customers to explore new offerings & ask questions via AI chatbot.

Data Analysis

Get useful insights from your data using data science techniques.

Computer Vision

Object detection & face recognition based mobile & web apps.

ML Models

Predictive models using Machine Learning & Deep Learning.


Advance annotations including dots, lines, boxes, polygons, and a bitmap brush.

Optical Character Recognition

Get data from scanned images or pdf files.

Speech Recognition

Speech-to-Text conversion using cloud APIs or open-source frameworks.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition to verify personal identity or extract facial features.

Cloud AI Platform

We can use these 3 most popular code-based data science development environments and able to take projects from ideation to deployment.

Google Cloud ML

We can train and deploy your machine learning models on the Google Cloud ML-Engine for serving purposes.

Microsoft Azure

We're expert for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications on Microsoft Azure and services through Microsoft-managed data centers

Amazon Web Services

AWS is our favorite skill and they have the broadest and deepest set of machine learning and AI services for your business.

Trending Artificial Intelligence Frameworks

We dedicate ourselves to use the best artificial intelligence development frameworks for our workflow. We have very good hand in these 3 most popular frameworks.

Tensor Flow

it has become a favorite AI tool of the top tech giants such as AMD, SAP, Google, Intel and Nvidia.


We use the PyTorch library for applications such as computer vision and natural language processing.


This is a very popular framework written in Python. One of its peculiarities is its ability to run on top of other AI frameworks such as Theano, or TensorFlow.

Hire AI Experts Now

Our advanced AI capabilities have been utilized to create intelligent AI tools for organizations. Happy to hear from you!


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