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Speech Recognition - Speech-to-Text conversion

We offer Speech-to-Text conversion using cloud APIs or open-source frameworks. Modern techniques such as Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) allow us to obtain human-level accuracy in converting audio to text, and we can do it live or offline.


Automated voice feedback in production lines

Automated voice feedback in production lines – our API can be used for this purpose. It is already applied at manufacturing facilities around the world.


Speech-to-text in Noisy Environments

We provide an efficient way to recognize speech and convert it to text. This is especially important when there are multiple people on the line and the background noise makes transcription impossible for traditional automatic speech recognition systems.


Dynamic speech generation

You can provide us with a simple text and we will generate an audio file. This function is perfect for video production companies, animators who want to create language learning videos, or anyone looking to automate their blog posts or presentations using spoken words.


Transcribe Raw Audio File to Text File

Our system is capable of transcribing a raw audio file into a text file in real-time or offline, without the need for human intervention, marking the first time such accuracy has been achieved. Accuracy rates are now virtually as good as those reached by humans.


Open-Source Toolkit

We developed an open-source toolkit to solve this problem that allows any user, whether the academic researcher or professional developer, to build speech-recognition systems in plain English.

How can Speech Recognition Applications help you?

Speech Recognition is a very powerful technology, and it’s used for many practical purposes beyond voice assistants in smartphones or cars. The areas where speech-recognition is mostly applied are:


Voice search in Google – our product can make this highly accurate. In fact, the best accuracy comes from combining Google Speech Recognition with other Google APIs and services such as Knowledge Graph.


Speech-to-text transcription – we provide several cloud APIs that can transcribe audio into text.


Voice command engines – Voice command engines for robots or other computer systems that require speech input. This is a very popular use case in automation and robotics.


Language research – This is the most widely used application of voice recognition, although not many people are aware of it. Voice recognition has been used for several decades in language research to study dynamics and patterns in language.

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