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Face Recognition - Extract Features or Patterns

Face recognition algorithm tries to extract features or patterns that are unique for every person. These patterns are then compared with the database records to identify an individual accurately.


High Accuracy and Reliable

Face recognition systems have been implemented by large corporations for data storage applications, access control, etc., with high accuracy and reliability.


Real Time Applications

Face Recognisation can be used  in real-time applications like video surveillance, banking, ATM security, etc. OpenCV (open source computer vision and machine learning software library) is used here due to its high accuracy in recognition systems.


Verify Personal Identity

We at AI Consulting Services built an application that helps in Facial recognition to verify the personal identity or extract facial features. We are using the Computer Vision to implement face recognition. We are doing feature extraction for this implementation. 


Quick Image Processing

The most important thing in our application development process is the proper implementation of image processing.  So, before starting with any application development it is important to understand what convolution operations are. 


Detect Objects or Faces

Convolution operation allows you to detect edges in an image using two dimensional matrices called kernels . It also helps in detecting objects or faces by extracting their features.

How can Face Recognisation Applications help you?

It enhances security and authentication by verifying personal identities. It can be implemented in any of your real-time applications for face verification. As current biometric technologies rely on 2D images, they are inherently less secure than face recognition ones.


You can implement this feature in your mobile app and can tap on a face image from your gallery or from camera to know all about that person instantly using his/her social media profiles.


You can use this technology for video surveillance in corporate houses, ATM centres and airports.


You can also use it in various other sectors where identity verification is required such as retail industry, education sector, etc.


You can use this technology for security purpose in banks and flights.

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