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Machine Learning Models

We offer Predictive models using Machine Learning & Deep Learning. Our team has built many Predictive Models for our clients.  


ML Model building for Retail, Telecom and Insurance Industry

Predictive Modelling of Sales (Retail) by considering many variables such as item demographics, weather details, time & day of the week, etc. Prediction on Customer Churn (Telecom), Fraudulent transaction detection (Insurance).


ML-based Fraud Detection

This model can help identify fraud transactions using machine learning by considering rich features such as time of the day, location, customer category, etc.


Predictive Modelling for Loan Default (Auto)

A model that can predict whether a customer is likely to default on a car loan or not. This Predictive model considers rich features such as the applicant’s age, marital status, profession, residential area, etc.

We have strong expertise in building models that detect most fraud transactions rather than just a certain percentage.


ML Model building for Cement and Steel Industry

Steel and Cement industry, we can predict if a particular plant is running at its optimal capacity or not. We also build models which predict future demand for Iron ore and Coal based on current inventory levels available with steel plants/ crushers/railways etc.


Predictive Modelling for e-commerce companies

They predict the future demand of a particular product and its supply requirement to maintain optimum inventory levels—the possibility of an item being out of stock based on the current projected sales volumes.

We can help you to automate repetitive tasks and cut costs in many ways. 

Why Choose Us?

We at AI Consulting Services believe in building working software rather than just a prototype. We have strong expertise in Predictive Modelling and Data Science. Our team has built many successful models for our clients across verticals such as Health, Retail, Telecom and Finance.


Best in Class services: To better understand our client’s needs, we allows us to understand your requirements and devise a solution customized to meet those requirements. We have had a 100% success rate with this approach.


Scalable Services: We scale our team size and infrastructure based on your current needs. If you have a small problem, we will engage only the resources needed to build a customized solution for you. If you require an end-to-end data science or ML team for your organization, we can help set up the same from all levels – from architects to analysts to data scientists.


Customized solution: We do not offer pre-packaged solutions that are tied to our infrastructure. We will work closely with your team to develop the best possible customized solution – on-premise or in the cloud.


High Standard for Data Security: Since data is the heart of your business, we understand how important it is to keep it secure. We ensure that security protocols and tools such as encryption and firewalls are in place while working on your data & models.

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