In Node.js development, The Mean Stack is a popular term. This Guide describes what does it means and how they work together.

“Mean” word stands for MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and NodeJS and “Stack” means the combinations of technologies used to build an app. So A Mean Stack developer will use these 4 technologies in software development.


MongoDB is a document-oriented database management program. The basic idea is to store piece information into a document instead of a tabular form. So, this is categorized as a NoSQL Database.

A Mean Stack developer will use MongoDB to store app data.


This is a javascript framework that makes it easy to handle HTTP requests and send a response back. Express is widely used to write server-side programming e.g creating APIs to send or receive data from the application.

A Mean Stack developer will use EXPRESS to write server-side code.


A javascript framework to handle user interface to avoid so much manual work e.g writing an HTML component from the scratch. AngularJS makes it easy to sending a request to the server and receiving a response back and update the user interface.

A Mean Stack developer will use AngularJS to write client-side code.


In simple word, This is a C++ Application which allows low-level programming using Javascript. e.g accessing the file system or connect with a database or sending emails. So we need not two separate programmings for writing server-side (PHP, RUBY or PYTHON) code and client-side code.

So, The Mean Stack developer uses these 4 awesome technologies to create web applications.