Chatbots are simply a type of software to automate our text conversation with the customer. They can understand our customer’s queries and answers accordingly.

This allows engaging with our customers and employees through messaging apps without any human interaction. Millions of Users spend much time on Facebook messenger, Whatsup and Instagram so chatbots open up a large channel for customer acquisition.

Chatbot Architecture

Mainly there are 3 parts of a chatbot architecture: a bot engine (DialogFlow), own web backend app, and a messenger platform (Facebook Messenger).

  • Bot Engine: Bot Engine is trained with example conversations and It can handle different variations of a same question. Dialogflow, IBM Watson & Amazon Lex are most popular bot engine.
  • Messenger Platform:They’re social chat apps for user conversations. WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger are widely used chat platform.
  • Web Backend: They work as a middleman and can store user queries and bot response into the database or modify the response before sending to messenger platform.

How They Work

First, the user sends a query on Facebook messenger, and this message will go on through our web application and then the message would be pass to the DialogFlow bot engine.

This bot engine will process the request and will return a response to our web application via a webhook. And finally, this response would be pass to user via Facebook Messenger chat application.

So what is the role of Artificial intelligence here? Well, Bot engines are built on Data Mining, Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing techniques and we just use bot engines such as DialogFlow as a service.